Club Deal marketplace

iHuddle is a public-private community that tokenises, digitises and breaks down private assets into discrete investable and tradable units.

Investors participate in deals originated by their trusted network (friends, colleagues, family and known counterparties), thereby giving them a base level of comfort, both in the source of the deal (confidence that the risk of fraud and misrepresentation is low) and skin-in-the-game (they know that the Originator and their wider network is also invested in the deal’s success).

Once invested, investors have the ability to sell their investment or increase their exposure by making a bid (for part or all) for somebody else’ holding in the deal. In fact, if a potential investor has missed the boat on a deal, he or she can make a bid for an existing investor’s portion to get their piece of the action.

Live Huddles

Invested Huddles

How to Huddle?

iHuddle owns your assets through an English law bare trust. The moment you sign up and accept our terms and conditions, you become part of the trust and when you invest in an asset, the trustee holds that asset on trust for you. The trustee, a UK company we own specifically for this purpose, is the legal owner.

Here’s the magic — your trust interests are discrete and digitised. You can sell part or all of your trust interests to another member of iHuddle at a price you decide and (here’s the crucial bit) at the click of a button. There are no long winded legal documents as everybody has agreed to abide by the terms and conditions when they register. It’s simple, efficient and cost-effective!


  1. 1. Register Register to access all the platform functionality
  2. 2. Create Deal Add your Club Deal
  3. 3. Invite your Club Invite your investor group to participate in your Club Deal
  4. 4. Deposit Funds Club Deal investors deposit funds in proportion to their participation
  5. 5. Invest The trustee invests in your Club Deal on your behalf
  6. 6. Digitised The investment is divided into digital tokens and each Club Deal investors gets the right number of units
  7. 7. Trade Trade your tokens with other Club Deal Investors or new Investors on the platform if you need cash
  8. 8. Collect The platform collects the investment returns and pays the token holders their pro-rata amounts

Lenders (B2B)

  1. 1. Contact Reach out to us at
    Tell us you wish to discuss B2B solutions
  2. 2. Terms We agree service terms with you including running your back office and white labelling our secondary market
  3. 3. Registration We register your investment vehicle and your investors
  4. 4. Add deals We add your deals to your white labelled platform interface
  5. 5. Digitised Your deals are divided into digital tokens and allocated to your individual investors pro-rata
  6. 6. Trade Your investors can trade their tokens within your universe
  7. 7. Collect The platform collects the investment returns and reconciles them for you
  8. 8. Upstream The platform can even upstream the returns to your investors if you wish

Legal overlay

As an Originator for a club deal, where your friends, family and colleagues are investing along with you, you need simple standardised documentation and a trusted third party to handle the deal administration (including payments and collections). We have those documents for you.

Even if you wish to use your own documents and the deal is fully invested, we can put the deal and the documents on the platform for you and manage the payment collection and allocation for your investors (including you). We’ll collect interest, fees, dividends and returns and make sure that everybody gets their cut in a timely manner. If there is a problem with your investee, we’ll let you know immediately and await your instructions.

iHuddle holds the investments in trust with its investors as beneficiaries for each particular deal. All the investments are ring-fenced. There is no socialisation of profits or losses. Investors get exactly what their investments yields, less our very competitive fee of course. The trust is established as a bare trust under the laws of England & Wales.

We have our own trustee or can use your vehicle as a trustee if you wish. There is complete flexibility.

Built for Originators

As an Originator, you get to choose:

  • The upfront fee and/or spread you would like to charge the Investee. 
  • Any ongoing fees you wish to charge the other club investors for sourcing the deal for them 
  • Whether you wish to market the deal to your private network or to all the iHuddle members.
  • Whether you want to have your deal public (all details known to any iHuddle member) or private i.e. details unknown to anybody but the private club (not all Investees want it known that they have liquidity issues).
  • iHuddle will ensure funds are distributed to you at closing and during the life of the deal.

Remember, to be a true Originator, you must have skin-in-the-game. We’re a trust based community and our members will not want to invest in an Originator’s deals unless they feel comfortable that the Originator has something to lose as well. Of course, there will come a time when an Originator becomes highly successful and his or her word is enough. We’ll help you get there!

Everything is digitised, everything is frictionless

Every deal is broken down into discrete units (which we call Huddles) worth £1 or $1 or €1 (depending on the currency of the underlying deal). When you invest in a deal, you receive the equivalent number of Huddles for that particular deal. So if you invest $50,000 in a $500,000 deal, you get 50,000 Huddles out of a grand total of 500,000 Huddles. You can trade either one, two, all or none of your Huddles for whatever price you want.

We can provide the book value of each Huddle and it’s up to you and your potential buyer or potential seller as to how much you want to pay or receive for each Huddle. You can choose to pay (or receive) par, under-par or over par and all that will do is change your annualised return.

There are absolutely no fees for iHuddle members to register and participate in deals. In addition, members will soon have access to their dashboard to follow the performance of their investments

The secondary market

You can sell your stake to other iHuddle members & reinvest in other members’ club deals, or withdraw your uninvested cash at any point of time. You can also gain exposure to deals with your friends who are already invested by offering to buy a stake in their deals.

You agree the price with your counterparty and we will ensure that the fractional ownership of the deal is transferred to you.

About Us

Our Story

Over the years we’ve participated in private deals originated by friends, family and acquaintances, ranging from property to art to luxury assets to personal and business loans to investment clubs in listed or regulated securities. In doing so, we (and people in our network who also have invested in such deals) experienced the administrative pain associated with manual, non-professional processes, heterogenous legal documents and payments risks impacting both the originators and the investors. We all have day jobs and have luckily done well enough to invest some spare money in decent opportunities but managing the day to day of those is painful (especially in the context of our professional lives).

These deals are also highly illiquid, despite there being a secondary market. If you’re Goldman Sachs and you want to syndicate $300 million of your $500 million bilateral loan, a few hundred thousand on legal fees is acceptable. However, if you’re just a regular person, who wants to participate or sell down $50,000 in your Menorca home, spending $10,00 on legal fees makes no sense.

Hence iHuddle! A digital solution that takes care of all the boring, time consuming and complex administrative steps for private deal originators, simplifies the investment process for club deal investors, and offers the ability to sell prior to maturity through a secondary market for minimal cost.


Dhruv Menon

Dhruv spent 15 years across various divisions in investment banking first at HSBC and then at Credit Suisse. He started in corporate finance & advisory with HSBC before moving on to structuring complex cross-border credit and equity investments for both HSBC and Credit Suisse till 2015. Following that, Dhruv consulted with fintech platforms, family offices and credit funds setting up securitisation programs globally and investing in working capital solutions for mid-market and smaller companies.

Dhruv has a degree in Physics from Delhi University and a degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

Romain Rechtman

Romain has spent over 15 years as a derivatives specialist around the globe. He started with Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong before moving to JPMorgan in New York then to HSBC in London.

After a career in investment banking, Romain moved to United First Partners, taking his key clients with him to deliver cutting edge products and solutions for them. Romain is a regular private investor and has a deep understanding of the public and private markets having invested personally in private club deals since 2012.

Romain graduated from Dauphine University in Paris.

Stephane Mardel

Stephane is the CEO of United First Partners, managing partner of the Mariana UFP group and CEO of UFP Fintech. UFP Fintech is United First Partners’ VC arm investing in very early stage Fintech start-ups. Its portfolio includes Revolut, Seedlegals, Yapily, Neat, Vauban, Napoleon, Tabeo, Weavr, Caura, 44.01 and many more. Stephane’s experience includes running multi-jurisdictional, multi regulated financial services firms spanning from M&A research, brokerage, advisory and asset management. He actually started his career as technology and internet analyst at BNP Equities in the late 90’s, then worked for various banks and international brokerage firms ( from the buy side to corporate finance and as head of research).

Stephane graduated from Dauphine Paris University.

Bhairav Patel

The founder of Atom Ventures, Bhairav has built telecoms and fintech platforms for a number of market players. He is on the board of many technology companies and was a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

He was the CTO of Aztec Exchange, which was listed in Forbes Fintech 50 list in 2016. As the de-facto CTO of iHuddle, Bhairav brings over 20 years of technology experience from his early days at IBM Global Services all the way through to his CTO roles at European telecoms companies and fintech startups.

Bhairav has an LLB from the London School of Economics (yes, he is a lawyer turned techie!).